Part-Time Admin. Needed for Long-Time Activist David Oaks

Debra with her husband David.

Debra with her husband David.

Would you like to work for a few hours a week for a social change activist? I need someone to support my activism and writing projects about two to six hours per week, more or less.

Below are my criteria. If you are possibly interested, just email me.


Writing skills: You are a good writer and proofreader.

Attitude: You are a self-starter, friendly with good communication skills, including the ability to hear someone with a disabled, soft voice.

Basic computer abilities: You are fairly comfortable on both PC and Mac’s.

Transport: You can visit me in my Churchill-area home, though some of your work can be done from your home.

Activist friendly: You support the principles of social change, such as stopping global warming.

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My Friends Hold A Fun Benefit For Me, Here In Eugene!

This fundraising event for me went very well and we want to thank everybody who helped: The bands, poster-makers, donors, participants, and too many to mention here. Friendship gave me such a vision of joy that clearly this gift of community won that day!

Here is my original message:

Below, my friends have sent out this announcement about a benefit with two great bands, on Thursday, June 26, 2014. Please spread the word and if possible join me for the festivities! You may want to arrive early because the event is only two hours long.

By the way, there are musicians in both bands who have had decades at the Oregon Country Fair. Hopefully, both will play songs they have written with an OCF theme!


Please HELP us promote this event by spreading the word, and by printing and posting the attached 8×11 flyer: oaks-201406-poster-8×11


The Friends of David Oaks Fundraising Committee invite you to enjoy a very special evening of entertainment at Cozmic featuring STEEL WOOL and THE REFRESHMENTS on June 26, 2014 from 6 to 8 pm.

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We Are Crowd-Sourcing Our Disability Questions For David Oaks!

David_n_Debra_PaulCarterR-G-FBsizeDebra and David here. As many of you know, David broke his neck in December 2012. It is now almost summer of 2014, so we are still somewhat new to this. we have many questions! It occurred to us that we should ask these questions of many people, because our networks want to help and we know there are many of you who can help answer these questions but we have not met you yet!

OK, here are some questions that we may add to later as more come to us:

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Help Wanted Now for Great Jobs.

David_n_Debra_PaulCarterR-G-FBsizeHave you wanted a great job, with a decent pay rate and benefits, that helps people?

Home Care Workers are wanted now, both for substitute positions and permanent shifts.  For the past year I have been an employer of Home Care Workers, paid by the government. We have a great crew, but we have some gaps we need to fill.

If you are a caring person, with good communication skills, please apply simply by emailing me about your interest.  My email is

Below find lots more info.

Training is available free, for any of the task that may be new to you. You may apply for these positions with or without a Provider Number. If you do not have a Provider Number,  I can help you get one which may open a whole new career for you!

Thanks for your interest in supporting my independent living.  Please tell likely candidates in the Eugene-area about my help wanted.  Here are three tools, Click Here:

1.  My actual Help Wanted info. You will see I am immediately hiring both substitutes and permanent positions. 

2.  You will read here the Top 10 Reasons to Join Team Oaks.  Wow, as if it is not exciting enough already!

3.  You will find here a simple one-page PDF flyer that you may forward, download, print, give out.  You will see a nice color photo of me and my wonderful wife Debra! Click Here:  oakshelpwanted2014

Whatever you do, wherever you live, please consider leaving a comment here, or any of my entries on my Help Wanted, to help encourage this group effort. You may say why people might like Team Oaks! Or you may comment with your idea to assist this Help Wanted campaign. Or just comment with your “way to go” to encourage everyone!

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David Oaks is Hiring Home-Care Workers – Help Wanted Info!

 You will find the Top Ten Reasons for you to Join Team Oaks as a Home Care Worker or member of the Community, plus a downloadable flyer:

Below is lots more info about this job.  You may now apply directly to me by simply emailing me about your interest:   In fact I may help you start a whole career as a home-care worker with or without a provider number!  It is easier than ever to apply for these positions!

Home-Care Workers:  Permanent and Fill-In Positions

Work with long-time activist David Oaks.

DavidWOaksPhotoI am looking to hire more home-care workers. I have worked in disability rights, especially mental health, my whole life. In December 2012 I broke my neck. I am in a power-chair with paralyzed legs and partly disabled arms. This disability impacts my voice and has even fused my spine. Except for those pesky things I’m doing all right!

My main interest now for my activism is the climate crisis. You may find out more information about me at my blog:  You may also Google my full name David W Oaks. I am now 58 and I’m very grateful for a wonderful team of people who help me and my wife Debra at home here in the Churchill neighborhood of Eugene.

To apply for this Help Wanted: If you are interested in the below positions please reply by email first. Email me with a brief explanation of your interest to

For more info before you apply:

As a Client-Employed Provider (CEP) you will be paid through the Oregon Department of Human Services program. To read more about CEP and the local agency that administers CEP, click here.

You will need a State Care Provider Number to apply for these positions. If you have a number, please give it to me. If you do not have a number, tell me and I can help you get this Provider Number. It is easier than ever to get your Provider Number, which may open a whole new career for you helping people! Currently, the only way to get a Provider Number, is to interview with a disabled person who is an employer in this program and get approved by this disabled employer. S&DS does the free orientation and background check, and this may take you a few weeks to go through this process. You may read about Home Care Workers  here:

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Top Ten Reasons for Joining Team Oaks

Debra and David in front of the new van! You can name our van!

Debra and David in front of the new van! You can name our van!

Updated June 2014

Now hiring for the Saturday shifts, plus I am looking for substitutes. You may read the help wanted blog entry here, plus you will find a downloadable flyer:

Whether you are a paid employee or a member of the community, the below has tips on how to join Team Oaks. Thanks for caring, it would be difficult to name everyone who has helped!


1. Attitude:


I have spent my whole adult life as an activist mainly working for disability rights especially mental health. So after my big fall in Dec. 2012 I try to show what Martin Luther King calls Creative Maladjustment. So come along on this adventure!


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Happy Earth Week! My Open Personal Letter about Mental Health Justice, Climate Crisis & Unitarians


BELOW you will find my open letter that combines my  main identities and interests: I am a survivor of abuse in the mental health system, a disability activist (labeled quad), environmentalist focused on the climate crisis, and spirituality: I am a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Please comment here. Whether you comment or not, please forward this open letter for anyone far and wide. Help it go viral. Thanks. If you wish to send me a direct message, please use the contact form on the right to reach my office. Because of quantity, I cannot always respond to everything but I try to read your vision.

If you wish, you can use my tweet as a model:

Your mental health justice vision? I’m a psychiatric survivor disability UU activist. 5 tips take on climate crisis

Everyone everywhere is welcome to share your ideas about mental health justice.

Please post your public comments here on this blog entry. I especially would love to hear personally from other survivors of psychiatric abuse, people with disabilities and Unitarian Universalists. You may also email me by using the Contact My Office form on the right of this blog.

Please forward this post to others. If you would like to print out my open letter you may find a PDF of it here.

To read the text of my open letter, simply click “More” below. Thanks.

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